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Here you will find information about recent notable events and projects.

2022-08: Bowman Field fly-in and STOL competition

Pictures from the event that was held on 2022-08-27 are now in an album for your viewing pleasure.

2022-08: T-shirt with a new logo design

T-shirt with a new logo design (experimental) now available from our Etsy store.

2022-04: New book is now available!

Our newest book is now available, a reference book about the AS.365 Dauphin II helicopter in EMS role. It is available on Amazon as a paperback or as a Kindle eBook.

2022-04: The Grand Arado Project started

New model project inspired by the just completed Messerschmitt project: Three Arado aircraft.

2022-04: The Grand Messerschmitt Project

We recently completed our "Grand Messerschmitt Project of 2021", an experiment to build five new Bf 109 models (a G-2, three G-6s, and an E-7).

2021-11: Newsletter Launched

We have launched a newsletter that will be published sporadically.

2021-10: Open-source Software

We published our first open-source software package, Python-based tools to read and write XMP image metadata. It is available at PyPI (and thus most Python tools can readily install it).

2020-08: Virtually around the World

We recently helped the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire build their virtual flight adventure "Around the World", an educational resource featuring a C-47 simulator and new flight segments posted every few days.


Our newsletter is published sporadically and will feature any recent happenings.

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