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BI-1 model
F-15 taking off

What We Do

So Many Aircraft wants to bring quality reference material to aviation history buffs, aircraft enthusiasts and scale modelers, primarily in the form of photographs. We are mainly interested in recording and preserving aviation history through well-documented photographs. The implication of this is that our photographs are only minimally edited (and this editing is limited to straightening the horizon, adjusting the exposure, cropping, etc.). In addition, we always provide information about the subject in our captions (make and model, tail number, location, date, etc.). Currently, we distribute these photographs through our social media pages and our blog, as well as through our books.

Current Publishing Plans

So Many Aircraft is planning a series of reference publications for the discerning scale modeler looking for detailed information about vintage and contemporary aviation subjects. Aviation history buffs and other aircraft enthusiasts will find these books interesting as well. The publications will leverage a vast photo library spanning several decades. Our first book is now available!

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