Morane Saulnier M.S.406

Kit:Hasegawa, 1/72; model finished in 1996-07
Aircraft:MS-314, "white 4", 2/LeLv 28, Ilmavoimat (Lunkula, September 1941)
M.S.406 in 1/72

M.S.406 in 1/72

This plane was flown by Lt. P.Massinen (5 victories total, 3 with this aircraft). Pictures and comments about this aircraft can be found in [1 pp.17, 33, 59] and [3 p.139] (which has remarks about colors). The plane has the earlier French color scheme.

Construction Notes

The side view drawing in [1] suggests that the plane had a tailwheel, but the photographs hint that a landing skid was used instead. Also visible on the photographs are the upper side wing root panels which are either some lighter color or gloss.

The model was built from the Hasegawa 1/72 "French Air Force" kit. The wheel wells of the kit are shaped all wrong, and need to be furnished properly (see the image below). See [5 p.130] for a good diagram. Note that it is important to remember piano hinges for fuselage panels and wing ribbing (this is incorrect in this kit - engraved - as opposed to the Heller kit where they are raised). Color information is given here. I used decals from Suomen Lennokki, InScale 72 and Aeromaster (Luftwaffe numbers).

My thanks to David Veres for providing useful information during the construction of this model, particularly about colors (David actually prefers the Heller 1/72nd scale Morane over the Hasegawa kit).

M.S.406 in 1/72

M.S.406 in 1/72

References (at the time of building the model)

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